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How Paid Marketing Helps Online Business?

paid marketing
Paid Marketing
Paid marketing plays important role with if you want to grow your online business. Paid marketing, in other words digital advertising, refers to any method in a brand targets there potential clients based on their interests, intent or previous interactions with the brand. Paid campaigns can utilize use of one or more digital channels, consisting of search engine results pages, social media platforms and other websites. In addition to the display ads you have likely seen in SERPs and webpages, Paid marketing process can also take the shape of sponsored social posts and guest blogs.

Today, it is highly probably that new customers will first encounter your brand online. In fact, 87% of retail shoppers begin their searches on digital channels, regardless whether they in the long run make a purchase online or in a brick-and-mortar store. Meanwhile, research from google suggests that 67% of b2b purchases are influenced by way of digital content and classified ads. Without a digital presence, your potential customers may never your brand. Paid marketing can advantage your growth strategy by:
Building brand awareness.
Encouraging customer engagement.
Allowing you to target specific audience segments.
Giving you the ability to measure and optimize your campaigns.