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Are you searching Google Algorithm Update 2020 to keep your website ranking on top of search results? If yes, keep reading for latest updates. Understanding the Google algorithm utilized by search engines, such as Google, can be mystifying. Let's start at the beginning:

What is a Google algorithm?

An algorithm is a mathematical method used by a computer to solve a problem or solve a query. Google, launched in 1998, is the leading search engine. The search engine algorithm was designed to find files on the internet.

Google uses many algorithms, but the very first one ever used is called PageRank, which measures the importance of all webpages (PageRank is named after Larry page, the software developer and Google co-founder). PageRank functions by counting the quantity and first-rate of links to certain web pages to decide an estimate of the website's significance, and thus, its ranking as compared to different websites in the same field or category.

Google has used the assumption that the most vital websites are most likely to have greater links from other websites, and therefore rates the website with a better ranking on the search engine results webpage (SERP). PageRank happens to be the most widely known algorithm utilized by Google. A whole industry of business services to take advantage of PageRank is now called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

For nearly two decades, Google has been refining their search engine service, becoming more sophisticated, with their massive Google algorithm affecting the way websites are ranked.

what is an Google algorithm update?

Important updates had been rolling out on a regular basis, both named and unnamed. Companies providing search engine optimization services devote their resources to figuring out how each change affects the websites they manage. The stakes are very excessive, mainly for websites engaged in ecommerce. If a website is built and maintains the usage of excellent practices, with a focus on unique content and an easy-to-navigate user experience, the website will rate well. A strong rating becomes a superior page ranking which will provide more search traffic.

As a responsible digital marketing company, first of all, we update our SEO strategy when Google changes its algorithm and then we apply it to the websites of our clients who hire our , and in .