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22 Useful SEO Facts at WebAllWays

seo facts
Know about the 22 useful and helpful SEO facts to make right and effective website optimization strategy for top ranking results. Here, we are going to discuss some very interesting seo facts you never knew about. Have a look -

✓ Awareness of Brand affects SEO

✓ Voice search keeps growing

✓ User experience is a ranking factor

✓ Informative video is a key player in ranking

✓ Mobile friendly websites rank better

✓ SEO is a continuous process

✓ YouTube is the next searchable source after Google

✓ The per second searches made Google is 91,144

✓ The recent mobile search data is 95.25% on Google

✓ Google introduces 500 to 600 changes to its search algorithms every yea

✓ Image search data on Google is 3%

✓ 10-15% search increases every year in Google

✓ 90% searches on Google is found local

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Top 3 SEO Facts for eCommerce Website

Apart from general seo facts, lets have a talk on top 3 seo facts for .

✓ 44% peoples start their online shopping by search engines

✓ 37.5% traffic to ecommerce websites comes from search

✓ 15% daily searches are new for Google

3 Best SEO Facts for Local Business

Nowadays, becomes very helpful for local business growth. Lets have a talk on 3 best seo facts for local business.

✓ 56% online users in United States had searched for local business via mobile.

✓ Review signals affects that how Google ranks a business

✓ 39% customers only rely on brands if they interact with them on social resources

SEO Facts for SEO Reseller

Are you looking the and finding some seo facts related to your business. If yes, lets have a talk on some seo facts for seo reseller.

✓ Some seo company provide white label seo reseller services that are in high demand

22 Useful SEO Facts at WebAllWays
seo facts
Know about the 22 useful seo facts at WebAllWays seo company india to create the proper seo strategy for top ranking results.
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