8 Affordable SEO Services for Small Businesses in 2024

Affordable SEO Services for Small Businesses

Search engine optimization doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Your small business can succeed online thanks to a variety of affordable SEO services for small businesses. In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of using SEO services. To help you begin, we’ll also discuss necessary and optional services.

Why Small Businesses Should Invest in SEO?

Why Invest in SEO

A set of procedures known as search engine optimization (SEO) are used to raise your website’s ranking in search results. It might not be feasible for small businesses to budget for the high cost of traditional pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. On a smaller budget, SEO enables you to accomplish your marketing objectives.

SEO is a long-term digital marketing strategy, unlike traditional advertising services, which can immediately boost your small business. Every company has a different time frame, but SEO can take 6 to 12 months to produce results. With little maintenance costs, you can sustain SEO results once your strategy takes off. This slow build produces long-lasting results.

What is the Average Cost of SEO Services?

Cost of SEO Services

Because you don’t have to pay for placement on search engine results pages (SERPs), SEO is technically free. However, you will need to budget for SEO services if you want to get specific outcomes. Small businesses typically invest in SEO costs less than $500 per month.

That may seem a lot, at first. However, according to the same study, small businesses that spend more than $500 per month are 53.3% more likely to be “extremely satisfied” with their outcomes than those that don’t. Depending on the type of service, the complexity of the website, and the level of support offered, SEO costs vary.

Depending on who you hire, it also varies. You can collaborate with freelancers or SEO company that provide affordable SEO. You can also hire an in-house SEO specialist or learn how to do SEO on your own.

4 Basic Affordable SEO Services for Small Businesses

Basic Affordable SEO Services for Small Businesses

The following 4 basic affordable SEO services are good for small businesses to start with, whether you decide to work with an outside expert or keep your SEO efforts in-house.

SEO Audit

Any SEO strategy starts with an SEO audit. It assesses the performance of your current website’s search engine optimization. Typically included in audits are:

  • Benchmarking of competitors
  • Crawl ability and indexing
  • Profile backlinks
  • Keyword analysis
  • Site design
  • User knowledge
  • On-page SEO

Any performance flaws that you discover during an audit will be identified to fix them. Google’s search console and a few other SEO tools are frequently used for SEO auditing.

Keyword Research

Keyword research assists in identifying and analyzing the keywords that your target audience enters into search engines. In doing so, you can customize your content and attract more relevant website visitors.

In this step, you will have to understand the demand and relevance of a particular keyword based on filters like:

Volume: How many searches are carried out for a particular phrase or phrase.

Keyword difficulty: How difficult it is to rank for a particular keyword or phrase

Very Hard: 85 – 100%, Hard: 70 – 84%, Possible: 30 – 49%, Easy 15 – 29%, and Very Easy 0 – 14%)?

Search intent: The purpose of a user’s search query and the results they want to achieve

Google Keyword Planner is another tool you can use. Users can find industry-related keywords for ads using this free tool. You can use it to determine organic content competition and search volume.

Technical SEO

To help search engines understand and rank your website, technical SEO involves optimizing its backend components. Google has confirmed, for instance, that your website’s speed affects both mobile and desktop search results. Your website can therefore rank higher due to faster loading times. Search engines can’t crawl and index your website’s pages without technical SEO. In other words, they are unable to access or comprehend your website’s content. In other words, your pages won’t show up in search results and you’ll lose valuable organic traffic. Use these technical SEO resources for assistance:

Google PageSpeed Insights: Finds technical issues that affect page speed (such as large images) and offers recommendations for improving site speed.

Google Search Console: Analyzes site indexing, crawl errors, and security issues to help you keep an eye on and improve your website’s technical health.

User dissatisfaction can result from poor site performance (such as slow page speeds or poor mobile display). It may indicate that your website doesn’t adhere to search engine algorithms’ positive user experience (UX) standards if visitors arrive and leave quickly. Your search rankings may decrease as a result of this. Use Google’s free PageSpeed Insights tool to check your website’s performance to find out how it performs. Simply enter the URL of your website and click “Analyze.”

You can change between desktop and mobile users on the results page to see how your website handles each device type. Navigate to Google’s Search Console’s Core Web Vitals Assessment. Here, you can see how your website fared in terms of loading speed, interactivity, and visual stability. Google will explain how to improve the user experience by fixing these specific problems (such as background color).

To check your website’s compatibility with mobile devices, Google Search Console also provides a mobile usability report. You can see which pages are incompatible and what specific problems you need to fix from here. Google ranks your website based on its mobile version. Therefore, establishing a prioritization is crucial.

Technical SEO is not a one-and-done process. Therefore, regularly conduct a site audit to prevent problems from developing


Local SEO

Local SEO strategies help you rank higher in local search results for your website. This includes creating local-relevant content, conducting location-specific keyword research, and having a Google Business Profile. The best local search keywords can be found using Google Keyword Planner.

4 Advanced Affordable SEO Services for Small Businesses

Advanced Affordable SEO Services for Small Businesses

Consider these 4 advanced affordable SEO services for small businesses to enhance your online presence once you have all of the above in place. If your budget allows, you can always outsource these even though they require more time.

Link Building

Link building is the off-page SEO tactic of getting other websites to link to your website’s pages. A page’s ranking is affected by how high-quality backlinks it receives. Backlinks from authoritative websites are regarded by Google as high-quality. The authority is determined by three things: the number and quality of backlinks to the page, the traffic volume estimated each month, and “spam factors” to assess the authority level and potential ranking advantages in SERPs.

It takes time to create backlinks. Utilizing outreach or asking for a backlink is one method. One of the quickest ways to increase your website’s authority is link building, which can be a laborious process.

Video Optimization

More than three billion internet users watched or downloaded videos at least once in 2022, according to Statista. Therefore, you ought to pay attention to video SEO. Best practices for video SEO include:

  • Creating eye-catching thumbnails
  • Relating the title tag to the content of your video
  • Using context to improve your description (as opposed to just forcing keywords)
  • To ensure correct categorization, tag your video carefully to make sure it is properly tagged.
  • For SEO and user experience purposes, you can upload a transcript along with your video.
  • Let’s examine a few of these more in-depth.

In the SERP, your video thumbnail acts similarly to your meta description. And it can influence how well a viewer views your video clicks. You’re more likely to receive more clicks if it looks relevant and high-quality. Google will choose a choice for you if you don’t make one yourself. Additionally, an incorrect slide or awkward facial expression may not accurately reflect the content of your video and come off as unprofessional. Three thumbnail choices are available in the YouTube Studio app, as well as creating your own.

But what about the content itself? The main advantages of recording audio from your video to text are two:

  • Those who have hearing issues can follow along, improving the user experience.
  • Google uses the transcribed keywords and text for SEO ranking purposes

You aid both humans and search engines in understanding the context and relevance of your videos by recording them. Sites that perform well on this front are more likely to rank higher.

Social Media SEO

Social media SEO entails optimizing your content and social media profiles to improve your position in search results. Your SEO ranking doesn’t directly depend on social media. To increase your exposure, you can share the same link across platforms. You can do this:

  • Increase the reach of your content on other platforms.
  • Create a sense of familiarity for your brand as more people use it.
  • Increase credibility and trust (thanks to social proof)
  • Increase your likelihood of linking because you can be more easily found.
  • Share your location and business profile to promote your local presence

On a platform like Instagram, for instance, you can establish your brand’s authority. There are more than 2 billion active users on Instagram each month. Around 50% of them claim to discover new products, services, and brands there. You can share it on different platforms to get it in front of more people than just one place (your blog).

eCommerce SEO

E-commerce SEO improves online retailers’ rankings on search engines. E-commerce SEO is a crucial tool for attracting customers because 33% of all e-commerce traffic is generated by organic searches. What are some strategies to help your store’s SEO efforts:

  • This type of traffic dominated in 2023, so optimize your e-commerce site for mobile users.
  • Use title tags to promote sales, such as adding “free shipping”
  • Use pagination techniques to divide your product pages and steer clear of deep site layouts, which are bad for SEO.
  • Encourage customers to leave ratings and reviews.
  • Keep out-of-stock pages live in order to stay in top positions but make suggestions for other products
  • Redirect the pages of discontinued products or make them your stock comparison pages.
  • Let’s examine a few of these more in-depth. The blue link that appears in the SERPs is your title tag:

Google categorizes and ranks content using this data in addition to the content. Therefore, it should accurately describe the purpose of your website. However, e-commerce sites can go further. For instance, you could use:

  • Mention a sale or deal.
  • Include a compelling benefit
  • Explain why your product is special.

What if that particular item runs out of stock, though? You don’t want to lose a well-ranking page. Keep the page live in this situation, but include a field for “get notified when this item is back in stock.” Additionally, you can make sub-recommendations for other products. The page’s content can return to normal when you add new stock.

How to Select an Right Affordable SEO Company

Affordable SEO Company

Find an expert to work with if you don’t have the resources or expertise to handle SEO internally. By assisting you in achieving your small business goals, the right partner can help you build up the necessary skills and experience. To find the right affordable SEO company for small businesses, follow these six recommendations.

Determine Your Business Needs

You must be aware of your objectives before enlisting the services of an SEO partner. What goals do you have for your SEO strategy? A B2B company might want to nurture and generate high-quality leads throughout the sales process, for instance. Or perhaps a B2C e-commerce company wants to boost sales and boost customer retention. Once you have your objectives in mind, you can look for SEO services to assist you in accomplishing them.

Find Reliable Partners

Like with any other service, finding an SEO partner is simple. Ask your friends, coworkers, or other small businesses for recommendations. Additionally, reputable SEOs can be found on LinkedIn. Find affordable SEO companies in the field by searching for “SEO services” and filtering by posts. By searching for “SEO services near me,” you can also find local SEO service providers.

Check Their Experience and Track Record

Make sure potential partners have a proven track record of success in the field once they’ve been found. Check if they have any experience in your field or niche by looking through their portfolio and case studies. Check out how recent their case studies are as well. Because SEO results from five years ago may not be possible today due to the constant change in the industry. You can also request recommendations or reviews to see how previous clients have benefited from their services.

Look for Transparency and Communication

Find an affordable SEO agency who is transparent about their methods, tactics, and outcomes. Ask for a consultation and have them walk you through their business plan, which is even better. Ask them about their progress and when you can expect them, as well.

Consider Pricing and Service

The scope of SEO service can vary greatly. Before choosing a partner, carefully consider their costs and services. Find a business or consultant who provides a range of services that are customized to your requirements.

Evaluate Their Customer Service and Support

Find an affordable SEO firm who values providing top-notch customer service and high standards of customer service. Inquire about the team’s services, response times, and communication channels by contacting them and posing questions about them.

Begin Your Business Growth with Affordable SEO Services

At a fraction of the cost of conventional advertising, small businesses can benefit from affordable SEO services.