Best WordPress SEO Plugins in 2024

Best WordPress SEO Plugins

For boosting your WordPress website’s position in search results, search engine optimization (SEO) plugins are necessary. They simplify various SEO tasks, starting with sitemap creation and content optimization. When choosing WordPress SEO Plugins, you must consider features, user comfort, compatibility, and compatibility with your website’s requirements. In this article, we will explore the best WordPress SEO plugins for different categories, including on-page SEO, analytics, and speed optimization, etc. Our recommendations are based on thorough analysis and thorough testing, ensuring that you receive trustworthy tools to improve the SEO of your WordPress site. Here is the list of 10 most used Best WordPress SEO Plugins in 2024

  • Yoast SEO For Complete SEO Process
  • All in One SEO (AIOSEO) For Extra Features
  • Rank Math SEO For More Free Features
  • MonsterInsights for Analytics and Tracking
  • Site Kit by Google To Integrate Google Services
  • W3 Total Cache for Speed Optimization
  • WP-Optimize To Improve Website Performance
  • Redirection To Manage 301 Redirects
  • Five Star Business Profile and Schema for Local SEO
  • CoSchedule for Editorial Calendar

3 Most Used Best WordPress SEO Plugins

Best WordPress SEO Plugins

These are the 3 most used best WordPress SEO plugins for tasks like optimizing website content, internal links, meta descriptions, keywords, and headings. To improve your content, the best WordPress plugins in this category include features like focus keyword optimization, readability analysis, and SEO scoring.

Yoast SEO For Complete SEO Process

A popular WordPress plugin called Yoast SEO offers comprehensive tools for improving the SEO of your website, including keyword optimization, content analysis, and technical SEO enhancements.

Through color-coded indicators like green( good), orange( OK), and red( needs improvement), this WordPress SEO plugin provides immediate feedback on your content. This system aids in optimizing on-page factors like meta tag length and keyword density.

The Yoast SEO premium edition’s ability to include multiple keywords in a post is expanded by purchasing the Yoast SEO premium edition. With this version, you gain access to the Yoast SEO academy, which provides video tutorials on the best SEO techniques to advance your knowledge.


  • Readability analysis – Analyze your content for traffic light users and get useful feedback.
  • Schema integration – Choose one of the various schema types, facilitating the addition of schema markup to your WordPress site.
  • Internal linking suggestions – Receive automatic recommendations for each piece of content’s internal links.

Cons – Its premium version can be used on multiple websites but needs additional licenses.

All in One SEO (AIOSEO) For Extra Features

A powerful WordPress SEO plugin called All in One SEO( AIOSEO) provides features like on-page analysis, XML sitemap generation, and social media integration. Users can be found at all levels, from novices to experienced professionals.

TruSEO, an on-page analysis tool that evaluates your content and offers actionable suggestions to improve your page’s ranking potential, is one of AIOSEO’s highlights. It evaluates factors like content readability, meta-robot tags, and keyword usage.

For optimizing product pages and categories, AIOSEO’s premium version is useful for specialized applications like news websites that integrate with Google News sitemaps or eCommerce stores that have WooCommerce SEO implementation.


  • Smart XML sitemaps – Create an XML sitemap for WordPress and automatically update it.
  • Video SEO enhancement – Use a video sitemap generator to improve the ranking of your website in the video carousel widget on Google.
  • robots.txt editor – Allows you to customize robots.txt files to advise web crawlers on which pages to index or avoid.

Cons – Some monitoring features, like SEO keyword tracking, are locked behind the premium version.

Rank Math SEO For More Free Features

Rank Math SEO is highly regarded in the WordPress community for its user-friendly setup wizard and powerful AI-driven features to create SEO-friendly content. This enhances site visibility and search engine rankings effortlessly.

The Rank Math plugin offers an innovative Content AI feature, which aids in keyword research, as well as suggests ideal word counts and headings. It also helps you create outlines and write your whole article from scratch or separate sections, such as an introduction or conclusion.

Unlike some other WordPress SEO plugins, you can install Rank Math SEO’s premium version on unlimited personal websites with the PRO plan and up to 100 and 500 client websites with the BUSINESS and AGENCY plans, respectively.


  • AI keyword research – get keyword suggestions for the best word counts, headings, links, and media, as well as keyword-related ideas.
  • RankBot – improve your quality when using AI to solve content-related queries.
  • Pages and posts scoring – using an SEO analysis tool to evaluate every post and page using keywords and meta descriptions, the results of 40 different variables.

Cons – Depending on the type of membership, Rank Math SEO uses 500 credits for one keyword research. If you conduct extensive keyword research, this might become expensive.

Best WordPress Plugin for Analytics and Tracking

Best WordPress Plugin for analytics

To learn how well your website performs on search engines, analytics, and tracking plugins are necessary. These WordPress SEO plugins provide in-depth SEO analysis, actionable insights into content performance, and precise location data. As a result, you can develop a better SEO strategy that works both for audience preferences and search engine algorithms.

MonsterInsights for Analytics and Tracking

MonsterInsights enables Google Analytics integration with your WordPress site without the need for any programming or hiring a developer for it, despite not being an SEO plugin. It offers a user-friendly dashboard that allows you to directly monitor website performance using a variety of important metrics.

The real-time analytics dashboard provides access to your website’s performance data, including active visitor counts, acquisition sources, and popular content. With the help of this feature, you can determine your SEO strategy and user experience in terms of data.

Site owners can monitor eCommerce-related data to track product performance and transactions, in addition to SEO. These thorough insights can help you understand customer behavior and increase conversion rates.


  • Easy setup wizard – Add Google Analytics without entering into the codes.
  • Search Console report – Enable Google Search Console integration for WordPress to improve SEO monitoring.
  • Customizable dashboard widget – Access key data metrics directly from the WordPress admin dashboard.

Cons – The paid version of Google Adsense does not allow for advanced integrations with advertising platforms like Google Adsense.

Site Kit by Google To Integrate Google Services

The best SEO plugin for integrating Google services like Analytics, AdSense, PageSpeed Insights, and Search Console directly into your WordPress admin area is Site Kit by Google.

It has a unified dashboard that combines data from various Google tools, facilitating easier monitoring of website performance, visitor behavior, and monetization metrics. You can make wise decisions to improve your SEO strategy because of this centralization.

Integration is another important feature of Site Kit, which simply requires you to enter your Google account information and choose the services you want to connect.


  • Easy integration – Integrates the main Google services like Tag Manager and Analytics seamlessly with the option to add additional services later, such as Tag Manager.
  • Website performance tracking – Based on the Core Web Vitals metrics, learn about website performance from PageSpeed Insights.
  • Real-time insights – Make informed decisions using only the most recent 28 days ‘worth of data, such as traffic and keyword rankings.

Cons – Basic information is provided in the dashboard, which might not be sufficient to develop your SEO strategies from scratch.

Best WordPress Plugin for Speed Optimization

Best WordPress Plugin for Speed Optimization

Fast-loading websites are prioritized by search engines, improve user experience, and lower bounce rates. Therefore, it is essential to install a speed optimization plugin for your SEO efforts.

These WordPress plugins allow you to compress images, minify CSS and JavaScript files, and implement website caching by storing static content, reducing the amount of time it takes for your website pages to load each time you visit. Another way to increase your website speed without adding any speed optimization plugin is to choose one from .

W3 Total Cache for Speed Optimization

W3 Total Cache provides a complete solution to improve website responsiveness and slash download times. It integrates with several CDN providers, as well as page, database, and object caching techniques.

The plugin provides a lazy load option for deferring offscreen images, ensuring that they are only loaded as they are seen, which reduces initial page loads and enhances user experience.

W3 Total Cache’s object caching, which stores data from frequently accessed website components in memory and speeds up retrieval of them, such as database query results, is another standout feature.


  • Mobile support – improving mobile user experience by switching themes based on user-agent groups and using the cache for mobile devices separately.
  • CDN integration – use top CDN providers like StackPath and Cloudflare to lower server load and speed up content delivery.
  • Import/export settings – You can easily export and then import settings across multiple sites to streamline site management.

Cons – Users with multiple websites may be turned off by the premium version’s price because the highest-tier plan only covers ten sites.

WP-Optimize To Improve Website Performance

WP-Optimize is a one-stop-shop plugin for WordPress that streamlines site maintenance efforts and speeds optimization efforts by improving website performance by cleaning up the database, compressing the image, and caching the page.

By removing redundant data like trashed posts, comments, and transient options, the plugin’s database optimization feature cleans the WordPress database. This procedure reduces database size, resulting in faster and more effective database queries.

Additionally, WP-Optimize offers customizable cache lifespan options for both logged-in users and mobile users. These options enable optimal site delivery that is customized to the specific requirements of various user contexts.


  • Scheduled database cleanups – database maintenance can be automated by cleaning databases every day, every week, every two weeks, or every month.
  • Auto-compress – When uploading new images, choose either lossy or lossless settings.
  • GZIP compression – When the server configuration does not allow GZIP compression for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files.

Cons – No built-in CDN support exists.

Best WordPress Plugin for Redirection

Best WordPress Plugin for Redirection

By redirecting users and search engines to the appropriate pages, redirection plugins address outdated or broken links. These WordPress SEO plugins ensure your website stays navigable and SEO-friendly, regardless of changes in content or site structure, with robust management of 301 redirects, which is the industry standard for permanent URL redirections.

Redirection To Manage 301 Redirects

A powerful tool designed to manage 301 redirects and track 404 errors is the WordPress Redirection plugin. You can handle broken links quickly and make the navigation on your website better.

You can match and redirect multiple URLs based on specific patterns or criteria using its regular expression filter. This is particularly helpful when restructuring or site migration.

A comprehensive logging tool that records all 404 errors and redirects is also included with this WordPress plugin. This aids in the identification and resolution of issues by revealing user behavior patterns and problem areas on the website.


  • Advanced redirection options – choose from a range of redirection styles, including complex scenarios that use regular expressions.
  • Conditional redirects – apply particular parameters to redirects, such as the browser type or user login status.
  • Import/export functionality – You can easily transfer redirected data from other SEO plugins like SEO Redirection and Rank Math SEO.

Cons – For beginners, its various redirection types may be challenging to learn.

Best WordPress Local SEO Plugin

Best WordPress Local SEO Plugin

Local SEO plugins make sure your website appears in local search results, which is essential for brick-and-mortar businesses looking to attract local clients.

Five Star Business Profile and Schema for Local SEO

By creating thorough business profiles and integrating schema, the Five Star Business Profile and Schema increases local business visibility. ensuring higher positions in search results in structured data.

This WordPress SEO plugin’s ability to use blocks or shortcodes to add your contact information to any page is a standout feature. With the click-to-call feature, these contact cards can also contain crucial details like the company name, address, and WhatsApp number.

Additionally, Five Star Business Profile and Schema provides a feature that allows you to use Google’s rich results test to test any page on your website and maximize local SEO benefits.


  • SEO-friendly contact card – improve the SEO of your website by creating contact cards with precise structured data.
  • Multiple locations support – include a dropdown menu for businesses with multiple locations to make it easier for customers to locate the branch that is closest to them.
  • WooCommerce integration – In addition to improving eCommerce SEO, the plugin’s premium version enables users to include a complete product schema.

Cons – Because Five Star Business Profile and Schema don’t cover these features, restaurant owners might need to install additional plugins like restaurant menus and reservations.

Best WordPress Plugin for Editorial Calendar

Best WordPress Plugin for Editorial Calendar

Content strategists and SEO experts can plan, schedule, and oversee every aspect of content creation using editorial calendar plugins.

CoSchedule for Editorial Calendar

An all-encompassing WordPress plugin that acts as a multifaceted marketing calendar, CoSchedule is available. Bloggers, publishers, and marketers can schedule blog posts, social media content, tasks, and events straight from the WordPress dashboard.

By assessing their readability and quality, the Headline Analyzer feature aims to assist you in creating compelling, SEO-friendly headlines. It provides useful information and ranks headlines based on established best practices.

Additionally, ReQueue intelligently adjusts your social media posting schedule by automatically rescheduling your most compelling content. Without needing to go back and forth manually, this ensures consistent engagement and reach for your blog posts.


  • Headline Analyzer – create memorable blog post titles that include feedback and improvement suggestions.
  • Marketing and social media calendar – get a simple marketing calendar that includes WordPress blog posts that are published, published, and promoted.
  • Team collaboration – Easily assign tasks, integrate collaborators, and track project progress.

Cons – For websites that require collaboration between multiple users, the premium version might not be appropriate.

Factors We Consider to Test & Review WordPress SEO Plugins

WordPress SEO Plugins

How can we evaluate and evaluate WordPress SEO plugins in this section:

Setup Wizard

The world of SEO can seem intimidating due to the technical jargon and acronyms unless you’re a seasoned professional. These plugins come with a setup wizard, a few configuration files, and, in the majority of cases, the option to switch settings from other SEO plugins.

Ease of Use and Simple User Interface

You want something simple and not overwhelming once you’ve installed and configured a plugin. Any plugins that weren’t intuitive, had a lot of settings toggling through or used excessive amounts of technical jargon were eliminated.

Technical SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

You’ll need a strong site structure before you can create any content. These plugins let you implement site-specific technical SEO rules, such as creating and adding an XML sitemap and conducting simple site audits to find any issues.

On-Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Additionally, you’ll require a plugin to optimize your content. To make sure your content is in good shape, these plugins check for on-page SEO factors like meta tags, schema markup, keyword density, and readability.

Extra Functions and Features

You can go beyond the simplest with the best WordPress SEO plugin. For instance, you might want to concentrate on areas like local SEO or eCommerce. To see how you could add more functionality, we checked for integrations and automation with other plugins and apps.

WordPress SEO Plugins FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

WordPress SEO Plugins FAQ

The best WordPress SEO plugins are frequently asked, and this section will provide answers to these questions.

What Are The Qualities Should A WordPress SEO Plugin Have?

Prioritize those that offer essential SEO features like keyword suggestions, meta tag addition, and sitemap generation when looking for the best WordPress SEO plugin. Next, think about adding more advanced features, such as local SEO, content analysis, and support for redirection.

Does My WordPress Website Need SEO Plugin?

Right out of the box, WordPress is an SEO-friendly platform. However, having the best WordPress SEO plugin installed on your website makes it simple to manage various SEO settings from the WordPress dashboard.

Can I Install Multiple Plugins in WordPress?

It is mostly safe to use multiple plugins on your WordPress website. But, you shouldn’t install two or more plugins for a same task. For example, it is not recommended to install Yoast SEO and AIOSEO at the same time; instead you should choose one for your specific requirements.

Does my WordPress website design matters for SEO?

Yes, your affects user experience that is one of the SEO ranking factors.