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You submit your blogs to blog submission websites, search engines, etc. because blogging is a crucial off-page optimization activity. This enables you to regularly provide your readers with brand-new content to keep them coming back to your website.

You can submit your content or blog post for free using free blog submission websites. With high DA, PA, and do-follow backlinks, it helps improve the off-page SEO ranking. These websites are excellent for promoting both your personal and professional blogs.

How does blog submission work? Because you would need to regularly write and post blogs, blogging is an ongoing process. To attract more readers and search engines, you must keep in mind that your content must be both informative and original. What do these websites do, though? High DA Blog Submission Sites aid in increasing the audience’s awareness of your blog. Simply enter some crucial details about your blog and submit them to these websites to help them promote it. These websites aid in improving your blog’s overall performance and search engine ranking.

These websites can be useful to you in a variety of ways if used properly. Keep in mind that you should submit your blog to high-DA blog submission sites rather than spam ones. The benefits of blog submission websites include the following:

Improves SEO – You can give readers new and interesting content by regularly posting blogs. To increase your exposure on SERP, search engines like to index new content with relevant keywords.

Quality Backlinks – You should be aware that SEO is essential for generating income from a blog or online business. It is extremely difficult to rank well on the Google search engine results page without high-quality backlinks. Without charging you anything, these websites assist you in creating high-quality links.

Relationship Improvement – You can ask questions, provide feedback, or leave comments at the end of the blog on these websites, which would make it simple for you to connect with the readers.

Boost Domain Authority (DA) – One of the most crucial components of a blog or website is this. A blog post with a high DA (Domain Authority) is easily ranked by Google search. Its continued prominence at the top of various searches is the main advantage. The Domain Authority metric was provided by the Moz team.

Free Marketing – The readers of your blog will spread the word if it contains useful information. You can email other people the link to your blog or post it on various social media sites. You are promoting yourself for free in this way. These were just a few of the important advantages of blogging. Let’s now discover a simple method for doing it.

1. WordPress

2. Weebly

3. Wix

4. Yola

5. Webs

6. Blogger

7. Google sites

8. Medium

9. Livejournal

10. Quora
Blog site list is mainly used to improve website ranking but it is not possible to rank website by link building process only, it requires complete SEO process. Buy affordable seo packages and see how we improve your website ranking.