What is DA (Domain Authority)?

domain authority

DA (domain authority) is search ranking score created by Moz. Basically, its shows how likely a domain rank on search engines. You need to improve it as if your DA is good then its help website ranking. Good DA means da between 50 and 60. Avearge DA is between 40 and 50. The your da is over 60 then its perfect and high.

Importance of Domain Authority for SEO

domain authority for seo

Search engine optimization is the process which performed to improve website ranking in search engines. So, everything which help to improve website ranking is important for seo. Domain authority is one of them as it help search engine optimization a lot. It help website to rank better in search engines. That’s why, you need to improve domain authority to get the advantage of it in terms of top ranking results.

How to Increase Domain Authority?

how to increase domain authority

Get the domain authority guide to increase DA of website for higher ranking in search engine results pages. Domain authority affects your website promotion campaigns via top ranking results. So, you definitlly need the domain authhority guide to increase DA. Have a look some tips that help you to increase domain authority of website –

✓ Perform link audits ✓ Publish content to make link ✓ Post informative content that other bloggers can link ✓ Make links on high DA websites ✓ Manage and optimize internal links

After applying above steps the website DA would increase and your website ranking also gets improved.