25 Most Interesting and Real eCommerce SEO Statistics

Are you searching eCommerce SEO statistics to enhance your SEO knowledge and SEO strategy? You have visited the right page and here you are going to get the real, authorized, and relevant stats. You can use these stats to set up your SEO strategy and plan. So, let’s start by knowing the 25 useful and interesting eCommerce SEO statistics.

✅ Organic traffic is directly related to 23.6% of e-commerce orders.

✅ 44% of people use search engines to begin their online purchases.

✅ The top five results receive more than two-thirds of all clicks on SERPs.

✅ The first result in Google SERP typically has 3.8 times as many backlinks as the remaining (2-10).

✅ 75% of users never open a search engine’s first page.

✅ The first page of search results receives 95% of all traffic.

✅ More than three words are used in 70% of searches.

✅ 33% of small to medium size companies have optimized websites.

✅ Organic traffic can be increased by 106% by repurposing content.

✅ Mobile devices are used to conduct 61% of Google searches.

✅ Google’s organic traffic accounts for at least 43% of all e-commerce traffic.

✅ Your click-through rate will increase by an average of 30.8% if you move up one search engine results page (SERP).

✅ Your SEO ranking can be directly impacted by on-page content, such as your blog, which can boost traffic by up to 2000%.

✅ The first Google search result typically has 1890 words.

✅ Your SEO performance will improve as a result of the 97% more internal links on brand websites with blogs.

✅ At least one video is present in at least 25% of Google searches.

✅ Website traffic is increased by 30% by search engines compared to social media.

✅ Sales are generated by 14.6% of SEO-generated leads.

✅ Organic search results are 50 times more likely to be driven by video content than by text alone.

✅ Organic traffic can be increased by 111.3% by updating existing content with new images and written content.

✅ At least one image appears in more than 97% of all 1– 9 results.

✅ Organic Google search results account for 43% of all e-commerce traffic.

✅ To find out more about a product they’re interested in, an astounding 94 percent of people watch explainer videos.

✅ At least 92.96% of all organic traffic is generated by Google Images, Google Maps, and Google Search.

✅ Only 25.02 percent of the best-ranking pages lack a meta description.