What is PA (Page Authority)?

page authority

Page authority is same as domain authority. The only one difference is that domain authority is of domain and page authority is of a webpage. Every webpage has its own page authority that predict how likely this page rank in search engines. You have to increase your page authority to get higher ranking. You should keep your page authority between 30 – 60 for better results.

Importance of Page Authority for SEO

page authority for seo

PA (Page authority) always play a important role in website ranking. It affects website ranking highly and effectively. It has been seen that those page rank higher who have higher page authority. So, by increasing web page authority, you can easily improve your website ranking in Google. That’s why, its has been said page authority is very important for seo.

How to Increase Page Authority?

how to increase page authority

Above you got every information about what is page authority and what the importance of it search engine optimization. Lets know the answer of that question which has been asked by many website owners. Question is how to increase page authority? Basically page authority is score which describes the web page usefulness. So, here we mention some steps that help you to easily increase your web page authority.

✓ Add useful and helpful content – As mention above, that page authority describes usefulness of page, so you should add useful content to your web page in order to increase page authority.

✓ Create links on high DA / PA websites – Links are very important. Links from high da websites can increase page authority and domain authority too.

✓ Increase Domain Authority – It has been found that those websit who have higher domain authority their pages have higher page authority. So, you should increase DA increase in order to increase PA.