22 Useful SEO Facts at WebAllWays

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Know about the 22 useful and helpful SEO facts to make right and effective website optimization strategy for top ranking results. Here, we are going to discuss some very interesting seo facts you never knew about. Have a look –

✓ Awareness of Brand affects SEO

✓ Voice search keeps growing

✓ User experience is a ranking factor

✓ Informative video is a key player in ranking

✓ Mobile friendly websites rank better

✓ SEO is a continuous process

✓ YouTube is the next searchable source after Google

✓ The per second searches made Google is 91,144

✓ The recent mobile search data is 95.25% on Google

✓ Google introduces 500 to 600 changes to its search algorithms every yea

✓ Image search data on Google is 3%

✓ 10-15% search increases every year in Google

✓ 90% searches on Google is found local

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11 Helpful eCommerce SEO Facts at WebAllWays

ecommerce seo facts

Know the 11 important and interesting eCommerce seo facts to create successful website optimization strategy for eCommerce website top ranking. For best strategy and best results, you are advised to know some crucial facts about ecommerce search engine optimization. Have a look –

✓ 90% of all searches on the internet are made on Google

✓ Visitors are more likely to click on organic results rather than sponsored ads

✓ At least 43.0% of all ecommerce traffic comes from Google’s organic traffic

✓ Location based keywords for products have more conversions

✓ SEO plays a crucial role in any ecommerce platform growth

✓ Only 0.78% of Google users will click search results on a second page

✓ 97% of top ranking pages have at least one image

✓ 70% of clicks in Google SERPs go to organic, and only 30% go to PPC

✓ Website speed affects sale

✓ Top position page has an average backlinks of 35,000

✓ No. 1 position website has average content of 1890 words

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11 Interesting Local SEO Facts at WebAllWays

local seo facts

Know about 11 helpful local seo facts to create the effective website optimization strategy for better ranking results in Google. There are many interesting local seo facts that individuals do not know. Have a look to to know about some facts of local seo –

✓ Location keywords have more conversions

✓ Local intent search data in Google is 46%

✓ To find a business, almost 97% of users search online

✓ 70% of users visit a store because of a reason that they found information online

✓ 86% of all customers use Google Maps to search for local businesses

✓ 30% of Google mobile searches contain location

✓ Google My Business highly affect your business

✓ Users trust on Google search results

✓ Website speed affects SEO

✓ 61% of mobile searchers contact local business if they have a mobile friendly website

✓ 92% of all searchers choose businesses from the first page of search results

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