What is SEO Score?

seo score

SEO score is a score that shows how your website / page optimized with search engine optimization. Basically, an seo score checker analyze your website and gives percentage according to perfect things. The more your website optimized with search engine optimization, the more seo score it will get. Different tools shows their different scores according to their analysis. So, you should concentrate on solving the errors showned by different tools. Don’t just see seo score provided by one tool, move to others and solve other problems.

Importance of SEO Score for SEO

seo score for seo

People oftenly ask that what the importance of seo score for seo. To know the answer you should know about it in detail. As previously mentioned, seo score gives you percentage that shows how your website optimized with seo. By optimizing your website with search engine optimization, your website ranking definitely improves. If your seo score is higher that’s means your website is well optimized. So, your website ranking improves. Basically, seo score check tools are used to identify the errors in website. By solving these errors, you can give a boost to your website ranking.

How to Increase SEO Score?

how to increase seo score

After knowing the all information about seo score, the last question is not any other, its about how to increase seo score. Yes, its the most asked question. So, here we are going to mention the answer. The best way to increase seo score is to check the seo score and solve the errors. It directly improve your seo score. Here, we are going to mention some ways to improve seo score.

✓ Keep title between 50 – 60 ✓ ✓ Keep meta description between 140 – 150 ✓ ✓ Write your page content average of 1000 words ✓ Add alt attribute to every image ✓ Create high da backlinks ✓ Manage internal and external links

Hope, above steps will help you to get desire seo score.