20 Top Social Media Sites 2024

20 Top Social Media Sites 2024

Six Degrees, the first social networking site, was created in 1996. Since then, social media has grown incredibly fast. And how! The number of people using social networking sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter has only increased as a result of the launch of such platforms. According to statistics, there are a lot of social media users in the world.

Marketers are finding new ways to expand their brand’s reach and target the ideal audience. What better way is there to discover your target audience than by using social media? Platforms that have the most users should also be used in your social media strategy to effectively serve your business needs. Link builders also use social media platforms as to build quality backlinks. Which social networking platform is best for you, given the variety of options available to you? We’ve compiled a list of the top 20 plus most widely used social networking sites and applications for your reference.

List of 20 Top Social Media Sites 2024

20 Top Social Media Sites 2024

Here is the list of 20 top social media sites and platforms in 2024. You could use these platforms for website more visibility, brand awareness, link popularity, referral traffic and many more. If you don’t have enough time to work on top social media sites for brand awareness, you can hire at affordable prices.


Monthly Active Users: More Than 3.05 billion (October 2023)

Facebook is easily the most widely used social media platform, and it is where most users are actively engaged with brands. You can use Facebook to sell your goods through Facebook Shops and advertise your brand through Facebook Ads in addition to allowing you to connect with your peers. According to reports, approximately 70% of brands find new customers on Facebook, which is a favorite among businesses.


Monthly Active Users: More Than 2.49 billion (October 2023)

YouTube, the second-largest search engine in the world right now, is a source of abundance for content creators. Don’t miss out on this platform if video marketing is your thing. Brands can easily share high-quality content internationally using YouTube advertising as part of their social strategy. If you stick to the community’s guidelines, you won’t only connect with your audience but will quickly be able to monetize your videos.


Monthly Active Users: More Than 2.78 billion (October 2023)

This platform now offers a WhatsApp Business Application and a WhatsApp Business API for creating business profiles. This messaging application enables brands to showcase their catalogs and provide quick customer service. That’s not all, either. WhatsApp is ads-free, in contrast to the majority of messengers.


Monthly Active Users: More Than 2.04 billion (October 2023)

This app-based platform, owned by Facebook, is essential for brands to prioritize influencer marketing. Marketing can make the most of video content to engage with their audience using features like Instagram Stories, IGTV, and Instagram Live. You can integrate Instagram Shopping and Insights when creating a business profile.


Monthly Active Users: More Than 1.22 billion (October 2023)

Since its launch in 2016, TikTok has attracted a sizable following. You must be an expert in this application if Gen Z is your target audience. On TikTok, it’s simple to go viral, but that’s also why the social media platform is so heavily populated.


Monthly Active Users: More Than 424 million (October 2023)

B2B marketing is a great fit for this professional networking site. LinkedIn users are more interested in sharing professional content than personal content. This is the place to start if you’re looking for collaborators and to connect with industry experts. Additionally, LinkedIn enables the publishing of blogs as well as the access to personalized and display ads.


Monthly Active Users: More Than 430 million (October 2023)

Users can converse on Reddit and vote up or down comments to show their support. Marketing professionals can learn more about their intended audience by participating in discussions on the dedicated subreddits. Reddit relies on building a community rather than self-promotion. You can integrate Reddit advertising with your company, though.


Monthly Active Users: More Than 135 million (October 2023)

Tumblr has a diverse and imaginative audience base in addition to its traditional fandom page. You’ll most likely find them on Tumblr if you want to target the artistic millennials. You can post anything using this micro-blogging service. It’s a fantastic way to market yourself in a particular industry.


Monthly Active Users: More Than 550 million (October 2023)

When compared to the other networks on this list, Twitter has surprisingly fewer users. That doesn’t, however, mean it has no influence. 54% of Twitter users have taken action in response to the brand’s mention. integrating customer service, using ads, and growing a loyal following among customers. With Twitter, you can accomplish all of this.


Monthly Active Users: More Than 300 million (October 2023)

Have you seen Google’s Q&As for search terms? For you, Quora is a social networking site where users can post and respond to questions on a variety of subjects. How do marketers use it for advertising purposes? Quora offers “promised answers “and enables easy sharing of content, ranking high on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP).


Monthly Active Users: More Than 100 million (October 2023)

Medium, one of the best free social networking sites, combines blogging with social networking. Brands have the option of submitting written articles from their company websites to Medium or republishing them. You can either provide the articles through paid services or generate additional income by keeping them free to read and driving traffic.


Monthly Active Users: More Than 750 million (October 2023)

Snapchat, created by Evan Spiegel, enables short videos with filters and stickers that can be altered to suit your needs. The popularity of the “Screens” format was largely attributable to Snapchat. Brands can use Snapchat Insights, their in-built analytics, and Snapchat ads for businesses to target Gen Z and ace the platform.


Monthly Active Users: More Than 800 million (October 2023)

Telegram, a secure messaging service, can be used to create chatbots, broadcast messages to target audiences, and offer customer support.

Brands can hold large group chats( with around 200,000 participants) to announce launches or just chat with their audience.

The ad platform for Telegram will be introduced soon, according to founder Pavel Durov.


Registered Users: More Than 125 million (October 2023)

A niche networking site devoted solely to books, Goodreads. Through virtual book clubs, readers can connect on this platform. Users can also post links to their blogs or websites with their recommended books, reading lists, and reviews.


Monthly Active Users: More Than 465 million (October 2023)

Users can share images, videos, and GIFs using Pinterest, a virtual pinboard program. By using Pinterest to access Shoppable ads and drive conversions, brands can optimize their social media strategy.

This social network accounts for over 5% of all website referral traffic when it comes to boosting website traffic.


Monthly Active Users: More Than 154 million (October 2023)

This messaging network, which is well-known among gamers, allows users to connect via group chats. Nearly 13.5 million servers are active on Discord each week. You can easily find your target audience on this platform if your main audience is teenagers.


Monthly Active Users: More Than 1.32 billion (October 2023)

WeChat, the most widely used messaging service in China, enables one-site communication, online shopping, and online payments.

Businesses looking to use WeChat to expand their reach abroad should think twice before committing to it. You can use WeChat to manage your business using a service or subscription account. On this platform, you can run stores and run advertisements.


Monthly Active Users: More Than 1.3 billion (October 2023)

Advertisers can create chatbots for customer service, send newsletters, and advertise on Facebook’s stand-alone messaging app Messenger.

For a specific user, you can seamlessly link their Facebook and Instagram accounts. For the record, Facebook Messenger is used by approximately 40 million businesses to communicate with their customers.


Monthly Active Users: More Than 140 million (October 2023)

A live-streaming network called Twitch was founded in 2011. Users can stream their gameplay and interact with their audience as well, which is typically done by gamers.

On this platform, creators earn money through affiliates and ads. Influencer marketing and brand reach have been used by brands to increase brand reach through paid ads on Twitch.


Weekly Active Users: More Than 10 million (October 2023)

Clubhouse was founded in 2020, and it currently has more than 10 million registered users. What can you do with this application, then? It’s an audio-only app that allows for live conversations in virtual “rooms “where you can go.

It’s currently accessible for both iOS and Android. To begin with, the application needs an invite code. Brands can experiment with testing new content because it is relatively new.

Networking is the key to Clubhouse. Brands must find other ways to generate leads because it is add-free and doesn’t support DMs. Add your Instagram or Twitter links to your bio to start talking about the clubhouse rooms.

Frequently Asked Questions About Social Media Sites

Social Media Sites

Have some questions related to social media platforms? Take a look at frequently asked questions about social media sites.

What is the Use of Social Media Site?

Social media sites or networks were initially only used to communicate with one another. Brands are starting to cultivate these networks to cultivate new customers and strengthen their relationships with them. That’s not all, either. Social media can also help businesses improve their reputation and collaboration.

Can I Post the Same Content on Multiple Social Media Sites?

Cross-posting can help you stay active on multiple networks and save you a lot of time. Each social network, however, incorporates a unique format and demographics. To adhere to the platform’s guidelines, you would have to modify your content.

How To Choose the Right Social Media Site For My Business?

Start by understanding where and how your target audience interacts on a platform. Keep an eye on the most recent statistics to find out what’s happening on social media. Then, you can choose the media formats your strategy will include. Be willing to try out any new technology and change your plan of action after evaluating your performance.

What are the Most Popular Social Networking Sites?

These are the most popular networking sites, according to recent statistics:

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • WhatsApp
  • Instagram
  • Messenger
  • WeChat

Conclusion on Social Media Sites

Social Media Sites

Sites like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, however, have a global appeal that allows you to target a wider audience. However, it’s preferable to test some brand-new websites to see if they generate more leads.

Consider where your target audience can be found quickly rather than just the active users. Additionally, incorporating multiple networking sites is always the best way to expand your social media strategy.