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Are you a Magento website owner looking for a way to generate more revenue? If yes, then you are highly suggested to bring your Magento store to the top of search results with WebAllWays’ affordable Magento SEO services. Our professional team has helped many Magento merchants of various budgets and sizes around the globe. We have comprehensive knowledge of the search engine optimization pitfalls in Magento and can help you identify and fix all the issues that are preventing your website from climbing higher.

Magento is not only one of the top open source eCommerce platforms BUT one of the top SEO friendly platforms. So, using it is great for future SEO optimization. However, you will have to address the issues related to SEO for boosting your online store’s visibility in search engines. Our Magento SEO service is tailored to effectively help you generate more sales.

We are the leading Magento SEO company with a proven track record of helping eCommerce businesses achieve their online business goals. Our technical SEO experts perform a holistic audit of your website to identify issues that should be fixed. We have been working with the Magento platform for many years, helping various clients grow their eCommerce business with SEO, better website rankings, and more sales.

Why Magento SEO is Important for Your Online Store?

Magento SEO

Are you wondering why Magento SEO is important for your online store? You are not alone. Let’s know the reason behind the fact – Magento store is virtually worthless without an effective search engine optimization campaign. Have a look –

Generate More Sales – Your Magento store is made with the main goal of selling more products. Therefore, to generate more sales, you need the help of Magento SEO services to improve your website ranking and search traffic.

Makes Your Brand Trustworthy – According to the research, users are more likely to trust the brand ranking at the top of the search results instead of those ranking on the second page. So, when you opt for Magento SEO, it makes your brand trustworthy.

Higher Conversion – Unlike other types of marketing strategies that promote your website irrelevantly, SEO attracts genuine visitors to your Magento store. Therefore, users that visit your website are more likely to be your buyers.

The Magento market is continuously growing, with thousands of online stores working to win customers. So, you need to choose Magento SEO service to dominate the market instead of watching others.

Key Benefits of Hiring Best Magento SEO Company

Magento SEO Company

We can effectively elevate your WooCommerce store to the next level with our high experience and proven knowledge. We will thrive your eCommerce business and establish your brand’s online authority. Following are the most considerable benefits of choosing us as your Magento SEO company

Better Website Rankings – SEO for Magento Store is a strategy used to improve online store rankings in search results. Our Magento SEO services work with various types of techniques to deliver your website top ranking. The cherry on top is the results delivered by us are long-term and stable. So, you can enjoy the benefits even after you stop the project.

More Search Traffic – Once you get ranked at the top of the search results for your target keywords, your website will automatically receive more search traffic. We focus on attracting genuine traffic instead of irrelevant and uninterested traffic. So, the traffic you got as a result of our service will be more likely to be your buyer.

Increase Product Sales – Our Magento SEO service will help you increase product sales. We regularly publish high-quality and valuable content to your website blog for promoting your products. This content establishes your brand as the authority in your industry and attracts new buyers. As a result, you will get more and more sales.

Professional Work – We as a leading Magento SEO agency provide the best professional work to our clients. Our top quality work is itself an assurance of the best ranking results. We focus on measuring the results and always keep identifying things that need to be improved. And, Google updates are what we keep a keen eye on.

Pleasing Support – Apart from professional work, we provide our clients the most pleasing support solving their all queries and doubts. Most of our clients prefer us because of our helpful and 24*7 support.

Don’t wait for more to get these benefits! Hire us now and start your Magento store promotion on Google.

How Our SEO Team Optimizes Your Magento Store?

Magento SEO

If you are scrolling this page, you may now think that what the secret behind our confidence saying we can deliver you the top ranking results. It’s nothing but our results driven and proven strategy. Let’s dive into the details of how our SEO team optimizes your Magento store.

Optimize Magento Default Title and Meta Description – When the Magento store is set up, it picks the default Title and Meta Description which is not optimized for SEO. So, we modify it to make it better for your target keywords.

Optimize Title and Meta Description of Products, Categories and Content Pages – Optimizing your whole website is important to show Google that your Magento store is worthy. That’s why, we optimize the title and meta description of your products, categories and content pages.

Make URLs Search Friendly – Every URL need to be unique, meaningful, and properly optimized according to search engine guidelines. So, we make URLs search friendly to help Google understand them perfectly and rank them better.

Disable Default Store Code From URLs – We disable the default store code from URLs (if it’s enabled) to make your website URLs descriptive and easy to understand for both users and search engines.

Optimize Product Images – Product Images in a Magento store are one of the top spots where optimization must be done for better results. So, we optimize your product images with keywords to help them rank on top of Google image searches.

Resolve the Duplicate Content Problem – Duplicate content is one of the top SEO issues affecting thousands of Magento stores. This issue occurs due to product filtering, product sorting, pagination, variation of the same product, and the same product in two or more categories. Our experts sort out this issue by canonicalizing the categories and tags URLs.

Optimize HTML Sitemap – Magento does not have inbuilt support for the auto creation of HTML Sitemap. So, we will use the best extension to solve the HTML sitemap issue in Magento. This sitemap will automatically be updated as new products or pages are created.

Create and Optimize the XML Sitemap – An XML sitemap is a file containing all the URLs of pages on your website. Fortunately, Magento has a default feature for enabling XML sitemap. Our team will enable XML sitemap on your website and optimize it with the proper settings.

Speed Up Your Magento Store – Page loading speed significantly affects search engine rankings and this is one of the main Google search ranking factors. That’s why we speed up your Magento store by applying various types of techniques like enabling caching system, minifying and merging CSS and JS files, etc.

Create Blog Section on Your Magento Store – No one can deny the importance and effectiveness of a website blog section in SEO. That’s why, we create informative and useful blogs and post them on your Magento store’s blog section.

Build Quality Backlinks for Your Online Store – Backlinks are essentially needed to rank any website on medium and high competition keywords. So, apart from onpage optimization, we focus on building quality backlinks for your online store to rank it on top of the search results.