How to Do SEO for Top Ranking and Search Traffic

how to do seo

Do you know that how to do seo for website top ranking in Google and more search traffic? If not, keep reading to know…. If you are building a website for the first time or have started to publish some of your written work on line you could have heard the term SEO being thrown around. But what does it mean? SEO stands for search engine optimization and is the best process to increase your website’s visibility on the web. There are lots of factors that go into search engine optimization and although it can be done on your own it does require a lot of time and effort in order to be successful. Let’s take a look at two of the most vital factors that should be included in a basic seo techniques.

✓ Website Audit – One of the best ways to start optimizing your website is to do an audit for your website. This step would help you identify the issues and the errors on your website. This step could also help you to know where to start. Once you know where you need to work, you would feel comfortable while optimizing the website. Plus, the optimization process would get easier too.

✓ Competitors analysis – Analyzing your competitors would be very profitable in onpage and offpage optimization process. If you are having trouble in finding keywords, you can find some keywords through analyzing your competitor’s website. And, you also can get some link creation resources through analyzing your competitor’s website backlinks. Hence, its the steps which can help you in both of the important steps (onpage and offpage).

✓ Do magic with Keywords research and implementation (onpage seo) – One of the most vital matters that you need to do while creating a website is decide on your keywords. Keywords are basically a single word or a phrase that people might type into a search engine in order to find your website. The best thing about keywords is that it is something that you have complete control over – you can select your keywords and you could implement them into your website yourself. Keywords which include in your website’s content, in the URLs (if possible), in the meta tags, in your interlinks and even in the image tags. You should however stick to a density of between 1 and 3% web page as any more than this could look like spam. Its also helps for .

If you are unsure about the keywords which you want to target, the best resource is the Google AdWords Keyword Tool. This tool enables you to type in a keyword phrase and then see how more competition there is for it on the web as well as how many people search for your keyword each month. If you are just starting out, a low competition keyword is a good idea as this will make best seo strategy that little bit easier.

✓ Backlink Creation (offpage seo) for extra benefits – Now the keywords we mentioned above are the easiest part of an search engine optimization process to accomplish. Why? properly because they are part of onpage optimization which is basically why they may be on your website. Backlinking on the other hand falls into offpage optimization and this is not as easy. In order for your website to appear high in the seek engine rankings, the search engines want to know that it is relevant. One of the ways that they determine this is through the amount of backlinks from different websites that point in your website.

Therefore a backlinking strategy involves encouraging different websites to link for your content. If your website is large or well known the links will come naturally but as a newbie to the internet world, you will want to put a bit more effort in. Some of the things you may look into involve form posting, social media marketing or SMO, guest blogging and blog commenting. When linking you will want to try to link back in your website through anchor text – anchor text is the text that is linked to and should be your key-word phrase – in order to increase your ranking for your specific keyword. For general website, we provide in .

How to Do SEO for eCommerce Website?

how to do seo for eCommerce website

There are millions of eCommerce websites exist on the internet and it is expected that in the next 15-20 years, 90% purchases would made on these online stores. Perhaps you have got the idea of how startups like Flipkart, Amazon etc. turned into the huge dominators of the eCommerce industry in a short time. Yes, you guessed it right… the reason for it is the growing demand for online shopping. BUT do you know that what is needed to dominate the eCommerce industry apart from offering top quality products and best support? It is eCommerce website top ranking in search results – that is where the eCommerce seo comes!!

The procedure of search engine optimization is important and crucial for all types of websites but it have the higher impact on eCommerce websites. This is because when it comes to BUY products online, people generally search for the products in search engines like Google instead of going to an particular eCommerce website. Therefore, it becomes very important to rank the eCommerce website on top of search engine results pages (SERPs). So that it would be seen by the users who are ready to BUY your products. Therefore, if your online store is not ranking on the first page of search results then you would not get any buyer as the statistics says that no one visits to the second page of search results. Hence, we are ready to give you the best guide about how to do seo for eCommerce website. Have a look –

✓ Use Extended SSL Certificate for Higher Security and Brand Credibility ✓ OnPage Optimization for Product Pages ✓ Make Clear and Easy to Read URLs for Search Engines to Carl the Page Frequently ✓ Use Structured Data / Schema ✓ Use Long Tail and Location Based Keywords ✓ Remove Duplicate Content Entirely ✓ Unique and Helpful Product Descriptions ✓ Mention Product Reviews ✓ Make the Site Mobile Friendly for Mobile User and Google ✓ Decrease Download Time ✓ Use Keywords Intelligently ✓ Optimize Title Tag With Keywords ✓ Internal Link Your Target Pages ✓ Add Keywords and Helpful Information in Meta Descriptions ✓ Use H1 Tag to Target Keywords ✓ Use H2 Tags Naturally ✓ Add Alt and Title Tag to Images ✓ Redirect the Older Pages to Newer Pages to Take Advantage of it

Through using above mentioned guide, you would get all the great benefits like top ranking results, more clicks and sales. Having trouble optimizing your website? Hire eCommerce seo services at WebAllWays and take your eCommerce website to the top of the search results.

How to Do SEO for WordPress Website?

how to do seo for wordpress website

We know that many users find some strategies in order to get the answer of how to do seo for WordPress website. That’s why, we are going to mention some techniques that you can apply to see the great results. Its right that many other techniques exist, but these are the bests and bests. Plus, you should always remember that you have not to apply them all to see the first results. You can see the first results after using only some of these. Also, we are mentioning these techniques while focusing on the Google updates and guidelines. Therefore, the techniques are totally white hat and using them is totally safe for you and your website. Have a look –

✓ Increase website speed – Make decision to improve your website speed like choosing fast and reliable hosting provider, installing helpful plugins and choosing the right template.

✓ Install an SEO plugin – Through using an seo plugin like Yoast SEO, you would be able to optimize your website for search engines more effectively and easily.

✓ Optimize your URL structure – You can optimize URL structure by going to the permalink section under settings. Optimizing WordPress website URL structure can help search engines crawl your website better.

✓ Create Sitemap – Once you have installed Yoast seo plugin, you have not worry about the sitemap creation as this tool would create sitemap automatically and regularly. Using this technique website pages could be crawled and indexed by search engines.

✓ Use Heading Tags – Through using heading tags, you would not just be able to make content more readable; you could see an improvement in rankings.

✓ Create content with keywords – Using keywords intelligently and wisely would help you to improve website ranking BUT you are also advised to avoid keyword stuffing and make the content useful.

✓ Use internal links – You can add internal links to some positions where you think that it would help the readers. Don’t add the links on irrelevant positions and avoid adding links for just Google. Try to help both Google and Readers.

Hope, above mentioned steps help you to do WordPress seo for your website in an effective way.

How to Do SEO for Local Website?

how to do seo for local website

Word of mouth marketing and local advertising are some profitable ways to get more customers from your local area. BUT online search is also equally effective. You would be surprised by listening to the Social Media Today report that says “97% of search engine users make online search to get the local business information. And 46% from all Google searches are related to locations. Therefore, if an business is not ranking in local search results, it would be missing many genuine visitors and customers. In different words, local seo is a way to keep your business growing.

If you first heard about local search engine optimization, your mind might have many questions and you probably have not any information about where to begin. This guide would show you some of the strategies which help you to do seo for local website. So let’s begin….

To understand what local search engine optimization is, let’s begin with understanding what local search is. When someone searches in search engines for services, products, businesses or anything that is related to a specific location, then it’s called local search. The search could be in this pattern – “[service / product name] near me” or “[service / product name] in [location name]”. In simple words, local search is focused on a certain location. Local search engine optimization is the process of improving website ranking for local search. You as a business owner need it because it helps your business boost online visibility and get more customers.

Now let’s start moving to the next important part, i.e. how to do effective local seo. There are many ways to do it effectively for top rankings. So, let’s talk about the most critical ones:

✓ Create and optimize your GMB (Google My Business) listing for target keywords ✓ Optimize website for mobile and make it mobile friendly ✓ Ask satisfied customers to review ✓ Concentrate on creating links for your website ✓ Always keep updated your local business information ✓ Be active on major social media platforms

These are some crucial steps that you need to use in order to reap the benefits from your efforts. Always remember that above mentioned steps are important for every local business, whether it targets one location or more. Now, go and start using these techniques to make most of them and enhance local business online visibility in local searches.

How to Do SEO for Youtube Video?

how to do seo for youtube video

Its well known that users like to watch a video instead of reading a huge blog. Its the fact that 59% executives said they like to watch videos instead of focusing on textual content. Which means, if your video ranks better on YouTube then you would get qualified results like better watch time, increased brand awareness, and higher return.

Did you know that YouTube is the second most popular search engine after Google and it had 2 billion users every month in 2020. Like Google, YouTube is also totally focused on delivering the best possible results to users. You can use your search engine optimization strategy for YouTube videos to improve its ranking in YouTube search results. Through this way, you would not just be able to increase video visitors; you also would be able to improve channel awareness and the watch time. Here, we are going to make you understand how to do seo for YouTube video by mentioning the top tips and tricks to improve video visibility.

✓ Choose your keywords intelligently and properly to get more qualified results ✓ Apply genuine keywords to your YouTube video title to improve ranking ✓ Add the keywords to your YouTube video file name ✓ Optimize YouTube video description through adding the keywords and useful information ✓ Apply hashtags to your video for better ranking results ✓ Choose the most relevant video category ✓ Customize the thumbnail image to attract visitors ✓ Apply subtitles and closed captions

And lastly, perform your research as best you can with any different piece of content. Try to make the videos more helpful and useful to make your watchers happy and satisfied. The better information you provide your video visitors, the more popular your channel gets and the more visitors watch your videos.

How to Do Onpage SEO for Best Ranking in Top Search Engines

Do you know that how to do onpage seo for best ranking in top search engines?

How to Do Offpage SEO for Best Ranking and Search Traffic

Do you know that how to do offpage seo for best ranking and search traffic?

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