Know About the Most Common SEO Myths

seo myths

The seo industry facing the illogical and baseless long list of search engine optimization myths (folk tale / misbelief / misconception / imaginary stories) which misguide to the beginners seo before they start learning their work. These myths should be taken care and keep then away from seo practice for expected results. Have a look on some myths.

✓ Creating XML sitemap will improve your website ranking – XML sitemap is necessary as it will help to index your new page / post in search engines but it does not improve your website ranking.

✓ Guest blogging is dead – No, it still works because there is nothing different between a blog post and a guest post as both will deliver you a backlink.

✓ Meta tags don’t matter

✓ Use meta robots tag to specify indexable pages

✓ Top-level domains improve rankings

✓ Including a target keyword in anchor text no longer matters in SEO

✓ Google will find any or fresh content and index it

✓ Affordable seo is always better

✓ Keyword research is not necessary

✓ Paid search improves organic results

✓ Only long-form content results top rankings

✓ Social Activities is Not Important

You can call these points as myths or false statements because these points are completely wrong. Hope, you understand the reality of above mentioned seo myths. You can also hire our for website ranking promotion.

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