Know About the Importance of SSL for SEO

ssl for seo

Many users think that SSL helps to seo and website ranking. Is it right? Here we are going to answer this question. SSL certificate have the minor effect on website ranking. It helps to secure website But not give you the top ranking. Basically, the ssl certificate is the main need of eCommerce website or those website who take payment online. eCommerce website owners add SSL certificate to ensure visitors that they are using a secure website to make payment. Lets know some other point to understand the important of ssl for seo.

✓ Minor effect on website ranking

✓ Better User experience

✓ Increase site credibility

✓ The final words – If you are not receiving payment through your website then its not essential to ass ssl certificate. If you have a budget to buy ssl certificate, then you can go for it. Have a look at our .

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Types of SSL Certificate

types of ssl

There are three types of ssl certificate available in market. Have a look –

Domain Validation (DV) SSL Certificate

Domain validation (DV) ssl certificate – This type of certificate is preferred for individual websites, test websites. Don’t buy this if you are an organization / business or eCommerce website owner. This certificate gets issued in just a few minutes.

Organization Validation (OV) SSL Certificate

Organization validation (OV) ssl certificate – If you are a business / organization then you can go for this ssl certificate. Don’t buy this for eCommerce website. This certificate takes 1-3 days to be issued.

Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate

Extended validation (EV) ssl certificate – If you want to purchase ssl certificate for eCommerce website then this type of certificate is for you. This ssl certificate is of highest level so, its best for you. It will be issued in 1-5 days.