Know About the Windows Speed Up Tips and Techniques

windows speed up settings

Turn off animations

1. type sysdm.cpl in start button searchbox and hit enter

2. Go to advanced tab and click settings in performance section

3. Click adjust for best performance and then click OK

Turn off game mode

1. Go to settings

2. Click on Gaming

3. Click on game mode in sidebar section

4. Turn off game mode

Prevent programs from starting automatically in Windows

1. Open task manager by CTRL + Shift + Esc button

2. Go to Startup tab

3. Right click on app and then click disable

Prevent windows from giving tips

1. Open settings app

2. Go to system

3. Click on notification in sidebar section

4. Uncheck the get tips

Power saving settings

1. Go to control panel

2. Click on power options then select balanced (recommended)

You can also choose best performance to boost the windows performance extra.