How to do WordPress Taxonomy Optimization?

WordPress Taxonomy Optimization
WordPress Taxonomy Optimization

In this blog we are going to reveal the solution to how to remove noindex, nofollow tag from archives, categories, tags’ next page which is like /page/2/ or /page/3/. Mainly, there are two ways to resolve this issue that are:

If You Are Using All in One SEO then Switch to Yoast SEO – Switching to Yoast SEO will resolve this issue automatically. If You Want to Stay on All in One SEO then choose next way.

Increase “Blog pages show at most” amount – This setting will remove your pages like /page/2/ or /page/3/ and show your all list in one page. To do this Go to Settings > Reading, then start trying by increasing Blog pages show at most. Set it like 100 – 120 and see if it works. You can keep increasing it until it shows your all posts on one page.

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