Free Blog Submission Sites For Instant Content Approval

Do you know what blog submission is and why it is important? If you want to strengthen your off-page SEO strategy, blog submission can do wonders for you. But do you know which blog submission site is best for increasing traffic and ranking in top search engines? Today you’ll get answers to all these questions.

Blogging serves as a pillar of , focusing on developing thought leadership by engaging your audience. It’s no surprise that to date there have been over 600 million blogs published online. So, are you ready to improve your website’s SEO score, drive more web traffic, and establish thought leadership in your niche category? So, get ready with your new content as you’re about to explore 100+ blog submission sites in this article.

What is blog submission?

Blog submission involves creating a well-researched blog and then submitting it to a party blog submission site on Tuesday. It’s a great way to attract traffic and increase your site’s visibility in online searches.

Search engines consider countless aspects when ranking blogs. One such important factor is backlinks, an essential aspect of link building. For those looking for expert help with blog submission, there are professional link-building services in the UK that provide expert strategies to improve your online presence and open up a hub of opportunities to acquire high-quality backlinks. But its range of benefits is not limited to that, so read on to find out more.

Top Free Blog Submission Sites- Our 10 Favorite Picks

Here are 10 popular free blog submission sites. you can share your content, reach a wider audience, work on them as .


Medium is known for its beautiful design and user-friendly interface. It is a platform that encourages quality content and provides space for writers to express themselves on a variety of topics. What sets Medium apart is its focus on storytelling and interaction. Readers can easily discover new content based on their interests, and writers can reach a wide audience. Medium also offers a partnership program through which writers can earn money based on the engagement their articles receive.


LinkedIn is mainly known as a professional networking site but it also serves as a platform for publishing articles and blog posts. Posting on LinkedIn can help establish your credibility and reach a professional audience. It’s a great choice for business-related content, career advice, and industry insights. LinkedIn articles can be shared within the platform and beyond, increasing visibility and networking opportunities.


Tumblr is a unique blogging platform known for its vibrant and creative community. It’s popular among artists, photographers, and creators who want to share visual content in addition to short-form blog posts. Tumblr encourages interaction through reblogs and likes, fostering a sense of community among users. The platform is highly customizable, allowing users to personalize their blogs with themes and multimedia content.


Blogger, owned by Google, is a simple blogging platform that is easy to use and configure. This is ideal for beginners who want to start blogging quickly without needing much technical knowledge. Blogger integrates seamlessly with other Google services, such as Google Photos and AdSense, making it a convenient choice for those who already use Google products. Although it doesn’t offer as many customization options as other platforms, Blogger is very reliable and user-friendly.


HubPages is a platform that allows users to publish blog posts. Content posts (called “Hubs”) on diverse topics. such as travel, lifestyle, technology, etc. This is a community site where writers can earn money through the HubPages Income Program, which includes ad sharing and affiliate marketing. HubPages emphasizes high-quality, information-rich content that engages readers.


While primarily known as a question-and-answer platform, Quora also allows users to write and share long content. In particular, Quora Spaces allows users to create blogs about specific topics or interests. Posting on Quora can help you reach a wide audience looking for informative content and answers to specific questions. is a platform Unique platform that allows you to blog directly from your Evernote notes. It offers seamless integration with Evernote, allowing you to publish content quickly and efficiently.


Ghost is a modern open-source blogging platform designed Designed for professional editors and bloggers. It focuses on simplicity and speed, providing a distraction-free writing experience. Ghost offers membership and subscription features, making it suitable for those who want to monetize their content.


Substack is a platform that allows writers to create newsletters of their own and publish articles for free. Although primarily focused on newsletters, Substack also hosts blogs and allows writers to monetize their content through subscriptions. This is the ideal place for independent writers and journalists looking to build a subscriber base.


LiveJournal is a long-standing blogging community that has been around since the days of start blogging. It is a platform that emphasizes personal expression and social interaction. LiveJournal allows users to create journals (blogs) and connect with other members through communities and common interests.

Bright Side Of Blog Submission

Business organizations that choose to blog submit have 67% more leads than those who don’t, according to a report from Hubspot. That is to say, blog submission offers excellent advantages:

Generates Quality Backlinks

The submission of blogs on niche-specific websites aids in the creation of high-quality backlinks, which are a veritable ranking factor in search engines.

Increases Domain Authority (DA)

The DA of your website also rises when you post your blog on high-DA websites to get backlinks.

Boosts Networking

Blogging establishes a reputable name in the field by providing a large network of publishers and web traffic.

Improves Ranking

Since blog submission increases the number of quality backlinks created, your website’s search engine ranking can be raised.

Attracts Target Audience

The most effective way to distribute your content to a specific target audience and invest money is through blog submission.

Different Categories of Blog Submission Sites

Based on their focus, purpose, and audience, blog submission websites can be classified into various categories. Some typical categories are presented here.

General blog directories

These platforms are accessible to a variety of niches and accept a wide range of blog topics. BlogCatalog and Blogarama are two examples.

Niche-specific blog directories

These websites are focused on particular industries or topics, such as food or travel. They target a more specific audience with a particular subject.

Guest posting platform

Authors can submit guest posts to be published on other blogs using these platforms. They frequently give authors the chance to gain new readers and backlinks.

Content aggregators

These websites aggregate and present content from various online sources in a single place. Flipboard and AllTop are two examples.

Community-based platforms

Some platforms emphasize forming a network of readers and bloggers who share interests. These frequently have tools for user interaction and networking.

Local blog directories

These directories highlight blogs from particular nations or regions. They can help local businesses that want to expand there.

Industry or professional blogging platforms

Some platforms, like LinkedIn and Medium for professionals, are designed for professionals or those working in particular fields.

Educational or academic blogs

Platforms offer a place for sharing knowledge and expertise in a particular field through educational content or academic research.

Criteria for Choosing the Right Blog Submission Sites

Finding the top blog submission websites can help you expand your reach and establish your online presence. What are some important factors to take into account when making your decisions:

Target audience

Be specific about your niche. The best websites will have readers who are passionate about the subjects you write about. If your audience isn’t open to your content, there’s no point reaching a sizable audience.

Content match

Make sure the blog submission site publishes content that is consistent with yours in both style and tone. This makes your work more likely to be accepted and gives the reader a more cohesive experience.

Domain authority (DA)

A website’s DA is a ranking factor for a website on search engines. Higher DA suggests that the submission site can increase the SEO of your blog by providing backlinks to yours. Using a variety of online resources, you can determine a website’s DA.


Avoid focusing on just quantity over quality on websites with respectable traffic. Check social media activity and comments for indications of an engaged audience. This suggests that the content is targeted at readers who are curious about what they’re reading.


Sites that promote a sense of belonging can be valuable. You can interact with readers and other bloggers in your field, which will open up opportunities for collaboration and increased audience growth.

Submission guidelines

Detailed and concise submission guidelines will speed up the application process and increase your chances of receiving your content. Find websites that describe their editorial procedures, requirements for content, and formatting preferences.

User interface (UI)

Navigating the submission process is made simpler and quicker by a user-friendly interface. A well-designed website also indicates the company’s professionalism.

Frequently Asked Questions on Article Submission Sites

Why should one use article submission websites?

Use of article submission websites are frequently used to get high-quality backlinks, which help to improve Google rankings.

What are Instant Article Submission Sites?

Without the need for an editor’s approval, instant article submission websites let you publish your articles right away.

Which are the best free article submission sites in India?

Google Sites, Quora, Github, Storify, Ezine Articles, Articlebiz, Linked In, Tumblr, and MyArticles are some of India’s top free article submission websites.


Finally, you now know which 10 websites offer free blog submissions. Now it’s time to go over them in detail and make the most of them so that you can improve your online visibility. Additionally, you can increase the impact of your content and engage readers more.

We advise you to pick platforms that best fit your niche and audience. If everything is done correctly, you stand a chance of achieving your online goals, enhancing networking opportunities, and gaining more brand recognition.