Free Link Building Tools for SEO

Google’s ranking algorithm is constantly being updated to deliver relevant results. However, link-building continues to have a significant influence on rankings.

External backlinks from other websites act as confidence-boosting signals. A site with more backlinks will outrank a site without any backlinks, all other factors being equal.

That doesn’t mean you can spam your website with backlinks and ascend to the top, though. To increase your authority, you require links from trustworthy and authoritative websites.

The good news is that there are plenty of tools available to you to create a link-building strategy, including monitoring existing backlinks, conducting outreach, and more.

Do you want to launch a successful link-building campaign?

You’ve arrived in the right place, then. We’ll examine the top free link-building tools in greater detail in this article.

Top 14 Free Tools for Link Building

There aren’t many link-building tools available, but it’s difficult to choose the best one for your company. Use these free resources to help you with your white-hat link-building strategy.

Majestic SEO For Monitoring Backlinks

A popular link-building software is Majestic SEO. By analyzing and mapping the web, it provides a comprehensive “Link Intelligence” database.

How it Works?

Both the Fresh Index and the Historic Index are provided by Majestic SEO.

A list of pages and links has been added to the Fresh Index over the past 120 days. Any links you might have lost during that time are also included. This will help you understand how link-building initiatives impact your search engine rankings right away.

The vast database, which covers the last five years and contains tens of thousands of unique URLs, is known as the Historic Index. This enables you to track the SEO performance of your website over time.

Some of the features of a free plan are accessible to you with a free plan registration. However, important metrics like external backlinks, referring domains, and other information can still be viewed.

Citation Flow measures the number of links that a site can receive, while Trust Flow measures the quality of links that a URL can receive. ( The free plan includes both.)

The Trust Flow and Citation Flow of websites that are ranking on the top of the first page for a target keyword can be viewed in Majestic SEO. This can help you determine whether a particular task or assignment is easier or harder.


Respona is a one-stop blogger outreach platform with all the tools needed to create and launch email campaigns of any kind, whether they are for link building, digital PR, marketing, or even sales.

How it Works?

For easier prospecting, it integrates Google, as well as well-known SEO tools like Ahrefs and Semrush, and gathers data like domain rating and organic traffic.

Additionally, an excellent email finder is included, making it simple to locate the appropriate person’s contact information on autopilot.

Respona’s simple user interface shows you how to create and launch your outreach campaigns, how to measure your performance, and what’s happening with each prospect.

The tool, which was first used to expand Visme’s link-building outreach efforts, which received over 3 million organic visitors each month, will be especially useful for link builders.

  • Automatic email finder/verifier
  • email sequences that are compressed
  • Great for opportunities to prospect link relationships.
  • Deep personalization
  • Built-in reporting and analytics
  • Email health reports
  • Integration with well-known SEO tools For Finding Emails

Hunter. The tool makes it simple to find email addresses.

How it Works?

One of the most crucial components of link building and PR is conducting outreach. Contacting webmasters and requesting an inbound link back to your website are the steps involved.

Finding the appropriate contact information is a common issue with outreach email campaigns, though.

Your email is most likely to go unread if you don’t get to the right person. Further complicating matters is the fact that businesses don’t always list their employees ’email addresses.

Any website’s email addresses can be quickly found using Io. To begin your search, simply enter the company’s URL.

To access the full results, as well as CSV downloads and search filters, you must register before creating an account.

Hunter has another useful feature. The green checkmarks on the right indicate that an email address has been verified by Io. This indicates that an email is being used and active.

You can always upgrade to a premium plan as your outreach emails grow, but you only get 50 free searches per month with a free account.

Ahrefs For Finding Broken Links

For keyword research, rank tracking, backlink building, and other tasks, Ahrefs provides a comprehensive set of potent SEO tools. However, we won’t discuss their broken link checker in this post. You can use it to create high-quality links to your website for free.

How it Works?

You can quickly check for broken inbound and outbound links on your website using Ahrefs ‘broken backlink checker. Fix any broken links to prevent redirections from 404 pages.

The broken backlink checker on Ahrefs extends beyond your website. Use the tool to check for broken outbound links on websites related to your industry.

A list of broken links will appear in the tool after you simply enter a URL.

You can create something similar and request that someone visit your page instead of asking them to do it if a website is redirecting to a resource that no longer exists.

Running daily, weekly, or monthly crawls with Ahrefs ‘broken link checker also makes it possible to help with your efforts to build broken links. Then, you can start working on an outreach campaign by exporting that data to a CSV file.

Sitechecker For Monitoring Backlinks and Backlinks Generator

The Sitechecker platform’s backlink generator and backlink analysis are useful SEO tools that greatly simplify external website promotion. They help you create links to landing pages for free, as well as monitor the number and quality of backlinks on your project’s and competitors ‘websites. It will save you a lot of time and will give you a quick start.

How it Works?

A tool for creating free links to a page is the Backlinks Generator. It creates indexed backlinks from analyzer-related websites automatically. These projects have a high-quality link profile and a lot of traffic. This makes it easier to promote the new website and prevent overspending on projects that are engaged in competitive niches.

Backlinks Generator is especially recommended for newly developed projects because it quickly generates the first landing page URLs. Use of the tool together with other Sitechecker products is advised, including Backlinks Checker and Backlinks Tracker, which can identify naturally created links and which ones can identify the best influence on ranking growth.

A comprehensive analysis of backlinks from various periods can be done using Backlink Analysis. Additionally, it includes a look at competitor link tactics to discover strategies to strengthen your position. The most accurate information about the link profiles is collected by this tool, which gathers data from various services.

The most crucial URLs for a website can be found in the study of traffic dynamics and link growth. Between one and twelve months, an analysis is permitted for different periods. You can create your link-building plan using data from the previous year.

You simply need to download the backlinks from Ahrefs, Semrush, Majestic, and Serpstat, and use the tool with one click. Next, choose a period to get the analysis results.

You can create your strategy based on this information.

MozBar For Analyzing Keywords

MozBar, a free Chrome extension, enables backlink research and provides access to metrics right from search results.

How it Works?

MozBar is a very user-friendly SEO tool. Enter a keyword into your browser after installing the extension, and you’ll quickly determine how competitive that keyword is.

Although the free version only has a limited number of features, you can still view other domain authority and page authority metrics.

A metric called Domain Authority was created by Moz to assess the effectiveness of an entire website’s ranking in search results. ( Websites with higher Moz Domain Ratings are correlated with higher Google first page rankings.)

A specific page’s ability to rank in the search results for a keyword is a metric known as page authority. Higher scores are related to better rankings, and both metrics range from 0 to 100.

You can rank for that keyword with relatively little effort if the search results contain websites with low domain authority.

You can increase your domain authority to compete against other candidates, even if the results contain high-level competitors.

Use the Link Explorer feature in the MozBar tool to look up links and track other SEO metrics to see how first-page Google sites are achieving those rankings.

You’ll be able to predict what it will take to outrank your competition by conducting a backlink analysis.

Whitespark For Finding Local Citations

Use a local citation finder from Whitespark to track your online citations and find new places to submit your website.

How it Works?

For local search queries to rank highly, building citations is essential. On the internet, your name, address, and number are mentioned in a local citation. A business directory listing like Yelp or Foursquare would serve as an example.

With Whitespark’s local citation finder, you can search for fresh local directories online where you can submit your website. To use the tool, you must register.

Add pertinent information about your company in a new campaign. The tool will then compile a list of citation sources based on the information you provided. Make sure to include your NAP( name, address, and phone number) with each source you submit to.

Pricing at Whitespark

The free version has a drawback: there are only 3 daily searches and you can only create one campaign. Many of the sources of citations it compiles are also inaccessible.

Depending on your requirements, Whitespark offers a variety of premium plans. These add features, such as the ability to monitor citations and perform unlimited searches.

Ubersuggest For Analyzing Backlinks

A keyword research tool called Ubersuggest offers tons of suggestions for keywords as well as SEO metrics like search volume, CPC( cost per click), and ranking difficulty.

A free backlink checker that displays your competitors ‘links to you and your competitors is also included in the tool.

How it Works?

It’s crucial to conduct a link analysis of websites that are first-page SEO before you begin building links. You’ll be able to predict what will be required to outrank those pages more accurately thanks to this.

With the backlink checker on Ubersuggests, you can look up competing websites ‘backlink sources and find out where they’re getting their links.

Simply conduct a keyword keyword search. Enter the URLs you see into the backroom tool to check the websites that are first-page ranking.

Being able to see where your rivals ‘links are coming from is another handy feature.

You can contact those websites and request a link using this information. Your rankings will also increase as a result of improving your link profile.

Google Alerts For Brand Mentions

Create notifications using Google Alerts for any topic with the tool. It’s a great way to stay current with industry news. You can use this tool to create links, of course.

How it Works?

When a website mentions something about your business, another site mentions it. It’s a good idea to create links if your company or products are mentioned online without a link.

When any websites mention your brand or goods, Google Alerts will notify you in a notification. Then you can browse the content that mentions your brand by clicking through those notifications.

Send an outreach email to a brand that hasn’t been linked and request a link to your website. This makes it simpler to spot the potential for link-building.

SE Ranking For Checking Backlinks

The SEO Backlink Checker from SE Rankings gives you a firsthand look at a website’s backlink profile while providing more in-depth information.

How it Works?

With SE Ranking, you can examine domains, domains, and specific URLs without using subdomains. Simply press the Find Backlink button after entering the address into the search bar.

You’ll receive a list of the domain ‘s/URL’s main metrics, including Domain Trust and Page Trust, as well as a list of the website’s total backlinks and referring domains, as well as information on the number of referring domains that originate from .edu TLDs.

With this, you can also see how many of the site’s backlinks are dofollowable and how many have the nofollow attribute assigned to them.

These metrics can give you an idea of the domain’s backlink profile. For instance, Google offers guest posting opportunities by looking for websites with “Write for us” pages.

You’ll need to take a look under the hood before contacting these websites to determine whether the potential link is worthwhile. The SE Ranking tool can help you select qualified prospects.


The most crucial component of Google’s ranking algorithm is probably backlinks.

Link building must be a top priority if you want to outperform your competitors and increase traffic to your website.

You’ll eventually want to consider investing in premium link-building tools to streamline the process and monitor your efforts, even though you can manually create links on your own.