Top 10 Free SERP Checker Tools to Check Keywords Ranking

Free SERP Checker Tools

When it comes to process search engine optimization, it’s required to be updated at all times. The more you be updated, the better you will understand how well your website is ranking in search results and what you need to do to improve it. One of the perfect ways to be updated with the website ranking results is to use free SERP checker tools. The search results you see on the search engine page are what the term “SERP,” which stands for” Search Engine Results Page,” actually means. It’s crucial to regularly check the search engine results page to keep track of your performance for a particular keyword on Google or other search engines. It’s also fantastic to check on your rivals to see how they’re faring.

Importance of SERP Checker Tools for SEO Experts

Importance of SERP Checker Tools

You have a lot of responsibilities as an SEO manager, including managing website rankings and offering strategies. One of those aspects is checking SERP, which is crucial because it lets you know how the website is doing on the search engine results page. You can find out in detail which search engine page a particular website ranks on. To rank at the top of the page, performing SERP analysis also entails sneaking a peek at what other websites are doing. By doing something similar, you can replicate their success by learning the methods they used to rank their pages. To learn more about the search engine, use SERP checker tools for the reasons listed above:

  • To know top ranking pages
  • To know Video carousels
  • To know Knowledge Panels
  • To know Featured Snippets

Let’s look at some of the top SERP checker tools now that that has been set aside.

Mangools – Mangools’ SERPChecker tool, which is trusted by some of the biggest brands in the world, including Adidas, Alexa, and Airbnb, enables you to accurately analyze your competitor’s data. You can enter your keyword, choose a location, and select whether you want desktop or mobile results. You can access the results by clicking the “Analyze SERP” button after choosing those. Numerous metrics, including DA, PA, LPS, etc., are displayed. Additionally, you can view the overall result count and keyword difficulty.

Semrush – Semrush offers a number of SERP tracking tools for various uses that work together to keep an eye on your Google performance. You can monitor your position within the search engine and get a clear view of any competitors, keywords, and domains using one of the tools. In order to gather data, you can also look at the rankings of specific websites with the highest paid traffic, paid keywords, and estimated traffic budgets. The ability to assess the “volatility” of search engines based on daily changes in rankings is a very cool feature of SERP tracking tools. When there are indications of algorithm updates, this will alert you. Check out all of Semrush’s features that your website will benefit from.

Ahrefs SERP Checker – You can examine the top 10 search engine results for any keyword across more than 200 countries using Ahrefs’ free SERP checker. The various metrics used by the top pages, such as:

  • Domain Rating
  • URL Rating
  • Backlinks
  • Linking Domains
  • Search Volume
  • Search Traffic

Additionally, it displays the SERP’s position history, which will help you determine which websites are simple to outrank and which are difficult.

SE Ranking – Using this SERP checker by SE Ranking, all it takes is one click to view Google’s top rankings. You can select the location and level of analysis after entering your keyword, up to the top 5 only for the free version. Additionally, you have the option to choose desktop/ mobile results. To help you determine who you can compete with, this tool does a good job of highlighting the metrics.

Whatsmyserp – You can check Google’s top 100 search results for a variety of keywords using Whatsmyserp, which is completely free and accurate. It’s a fantastic tool for figuring out what keywords are popping up in the SERP. If you want results that are specific to your country, you can also choose from desktop and mobile devices and locations. You can check up to 10 times per day with the free version. You would need to join their premium plan, for which you can sign up for a free trial, in order to unlock more.

Sitechecker – For determining how a particular page from your website would appear on Google, use Sitechecker. You can view results from a desktop or mobile device, and it supports multiple languages. The fact that Sitechecker shows a chart of the top 100 results along with changes in their positions allows you to monitor the dynamics over time. Rich and featured snippets are also displayed, among other things.

SpySERP – Use SpySERP to check the SERPs for Yandex, Bing, Yahoo, and Google. Users who have used it have left overwhelmingly positive reviews, which explains why they adore it. It has all the essential SERP checker features, including:

  • Desktop/mobile results
  • Global/local search results
  • Various languages
  • Top 10 or 100 results
  • Featured Snippets
  • Export SERPs results in CSV format

Additionally, it enables you to contrast the top 10 outcomes and examine the main elements that contributed to their success.

AccuRanker – AccuRanker’s SERP checker will provide you with accurate search data in seconds, including local, ads, and organic results, as the name suggests. To get laser-targeted results, you get to choose the nation and the precise city. You can access up to 5 searches per day as a free user, but if your needs change, you can sign up for their paid plan by beginning the free trial.

Serp Watch – Another helpful SERP Checker is provided by Serp Watch this time. You can enter multiple keywords at once and get results right away thanks to this quick feature. You don’t have to fumble around too much to get what you need because it offers customizable keyword performance and all the information on a single screen. You don’t even need to create an account to get started for free.

Serprobot – Serprobot’s free SERP checker is fairly straightforward and easy to use, but it also has a fantastic collection of features. You can select from 3 different devices: desktop, mobile, and tablet in addition to being able to enter a specific country for the search. Up to 10 different keywords can be entered, and the tool will instantly return results for them. If you want to enter more keywords, you can create an account.

Final Words – Understanding how Google and other search engines read SEO and what actions help the pages rise to the top requires paying close attention to search engine results. This analysis will be more practical and efficient thanks to the SERP checker tools mentioned above. Check out these tools next to analyze website SEO for a higher position in search results.