7 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins 2024

Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins 2024

Most business owners using WordPress find themselves in need of a perfect form building plugin. Many people use her WPForms, but there are many plugins to choose from. So if you’re looking for WordPress contact form plugins to quickly create contact forms or want an form plugin to create online surveys, registration forms, or applications, you’ve landed at the right place. We reviewed many plugins and narrowed it down to her 7 best WordPress contact form plugins 2024.

7 Best WordPress Form Plugins in 2024

Best WordPress Form Plugins in 2024

Here is the quick list of 7 best WordPress form plugins in 2024 for various uses –

  • WPForms for flexibility and ease of use
  • Gravity Forms for creating custom forms
  • Formidable Forms to get advanced options with app builder
  • Fluent Forms for full features on every plan
  • Quill Forms to create conversational forms
  • Happyforms for light weight forms
  • UserFeedback for collecting user feedback

WordPress Contact Form Plugin Features

WordPress Contact Form Plugin Features

At its simplest, WordPress contact form plugin provides a few fields and minimal design tools. The purpose is to maintain contact with customers. On the other hand, more advanced contact form plugins support conditional logic, design tools, and file submission options. This is by no means a complete list, but here are some features you can expect.

Custom Forms – Features multiple fields, options, and branding tools.

Visual Builder – A drag-and-drop editor is nice, but not always necessary.

Conditional logic – Show or hide certain elements (buttons, fields, form sections, etc) based on what the user selects on the form. This also helps direct customers to different departments.

Communication – A type of email communication system that notifies appropriate people of the arrival of new messages.

Frontend File Submission – Allows customers to upload ideas in document format. This is also great for customer support where users can take a screenshot of the problem and send it to her.

Responsiveness – People want their forms to display on all devices, large and small.

Spam Protection – Forms are created to prevent spam in the first place. However, you should expect additional protection from a WordPress contact form plugin.

What Makes a WordPress Form Plugin the Best?

WordPress Form Plugin

There are many lists of the best WordPress form plugins. So what makes this plugin different? Here we focused on free and paid form plugins for WordPress. There are hundreds of free plugins in the WordPress repository, but they offer limited functionality. However, most premium form plugins have a free “lite” version. When testing the plugin, we focused on the following:

Ease of use – Installing, configuring, and creating forms in WordPress isn’t complicated. To get your first form online as quickly as possible, you need something relatively simple. And preferably include a visual builder so you can quickly see what you’re creating. All plugins that are difficult to purchase, install, and use have been removed.

Templates – Unless you’re a designer, there’s nothing worse than staring at a blank form and wondering where to start. Most of these plugins include a variety of pre-built form templates that you can start using right away.

Customization options – Whether you’re starting from scratch or using a template, you’ll probably want to customize your form at some point. For example, you may want style options that match your existing . Conditional logic to hide certain elements such as buttons, fields, or form sections based on user input.

Responsiveness – I want my form to display properly on all devices. Users are likely to access the form from their desktop as well as from their mobile devices and tablets.

Anti-spam – Unfortunately, online forms attract spam messages. All of these WordPress form plugins include anti-spam features like Honeypot and reCaptcha, so you get only the answers you need.

Best WordPress Contact Form Plugin for Flexibility and Ease of Use

Best WordPress Contact Form Plugin


WPForms Pros:

  • 900+ ready-to-use templates
  • Additional anti-spam and security options

WPForms Cons:

  • Party add-ons – ons

WPForms is a comprehensive form builder plugin for WordPress. It has everything you need, including a large selection of pre-built form templates to get started right away. With nearly 1,000 templates ranging from simple inquiry forms to advanced mortgage application forms, you’re likely to find one that fits your needs. If not, you can always start over with a blank form.

Best WordPress Form Plugin for Creating Custom Forms

Best WordPress Form Plugin

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms pros:

  • Design and create custom forms Fantastic selection of add-ons

Gravity Forms cons:

  • Few options for pre-made templates

The best plugin for creating custom forms is Gravity Forms. For instance, if you wanted to add columns, a resume upload option, and a T&Cs checkbox, you could space the items out over several pages to avoid having to fill out a ton of paperwork. And those kinds of custom forms can be created and built by the drag-and-drop visual builder, which makes it simple for everyone, not just developers.

Best WordPress Form Plugin for Advanced Options

Best WordPress Form Plugin

Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms pros:

  • 235+ ready-made form templates with an app builder( Formidable Views), the best WordPress form plugin for creating advanced forms and apps.

Formidable Forms cons:

  • Form styling requires some fundamental HTML skills, such as border padding options, to create the best WordPress form plugin for creating advanced forms and apps.

One of the most cutting-edge WordPress form plugins is Formidable Forms. Start from scratch with a blank canvas and create your own form with over 235 ready-made templates, including registration forms, registration forms, and calculators.

Best WordPress Form Plugin For Full Features on Every Plan

Best WordPress Form Plugin

Fluent Forms pros:

  • With 70+ pre-made form templates

Fluent Forms cons:

  • Tough to set up communication notifications( except for the free plan)

The only difference between Fluent Forms and other WordPress forms of form is the number of site licenses, which is a light yet powerful form builder plugin that( refreshingly) includes every feature on every plan.

With the drag-and-drop builder and dozens of pre-made templates for marketing, education, finance, government, and many other categories, you can begin creating forms.

Best WordPress Form Plugin To Create Conversational Forms

Best WordPress Form Plugin

Quill Forms

Quill Forms pros:

  • Focus on conversational forms
  • Jump logic

Quill Forms cons:

  • No classic forms

A versatile WordPress form builder for quizzes, surveys, and conversational forms, Quill Forms is. At a fraction of the cost, it’s comparable to Typeform for WordPress.

11 pre-made templates are available, and you can start from scratch to create your form quickly. As you build the form on the left, you’ll see a preview of the form on the right side of your page.

Best WordPress Form Plugin for Creating Lightweight Forms

Best WordPress Form Plugin

Happyforms Pros:

  • No pre-made form templates required

Happyforms cons:

  • No pre-made form templates

A lightweight, adaptable WordPress form builder that does n’t require any add-ons is Happyforms. The support team is more than happy to help you create a form that fits your needs despite the fact that there are no templates.

No weird buttons, notices, or cluttered screens are present in the form builder, and you receive a live preview as your form is created. Step-indicators allow you to add color and layouts to your forms, and they’re simple to create multi-column layouts and multi-page forms.

Best WordPress Form Plugin for Collecting User Feedback

Best WordPress Form Plugin

UserFeedback pros:

  • 20+ templates Specifically designed devices and pages

UserFeedback cons:

  • Limited to gathering user feedback

The plugins for UserFeedback and other are slightly different from one another. In your theme’s widget areas, such as the sidebar or page footer, it creates a feedback widget. On a particular page, you can also include an inline feedback form.

You can target surveys for various pages and devices with UserFeedback, which allows you to ask multiple-choice or free-form questions. For instance, you could make a privacy page with multiple choices that only appears on mobile devices.

Which WordPress Form Plugin is Best For You?

WordPress Form Plugin

These WordPress contact form plugins each have advantages and disadvantages. With UserFeedback and Quill Forms, for instance, while the others offer a variety of form types, you get extremely specific forms. Happyforms does not have any pre-made form templates, while the majority do. However, one of these form plugins will suffice depending on what you’re looking for.

We would advise first trying the free demo of each plugin before using Quill Forms ‘one to get an idea of what it has to offer. You’ll soon find out if you like using it because it wo n’t have all the functionality. After narrowing the field, choose the premium version.

If you are planning to improve your website design with a new theme, you could look at .